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Faralya Botanica is located in the small hamlet of Faralya directly on the Lycian Way, a 540 kilometre waymarked hiking trail in southwestern Turkey. You can go for a short hike or a long one as the walks suit all levels of fitness. In the area of Faralya, the trail is forested and follows the coastline affording wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea and as far as the Greek island of Rhodes on a clear day!

Faralya Botanica is a short ten minute walk down the hill to Aktas Beach, a small cove which is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The trail leading to Butterfly Valley passes directly in front of our property and is a 25 minute hike through the pine forest. On the same trail, in the opposite direction, is the small beach of Kabak where there is a lovely protected cove, crystal clear Mediterranean waters for swimming and many restaurants and cafes to enjoy a drink by the sea.

The popular resort town of Olu Deniz is a short 20 minute drive away (or you can take the hiking trail and walk in about 2 hours.) Olu Deniz means “Turquoise Sea” and the sea here is truly the most amazing colour. The large market town of Fethiye, where you can enjoy wonderful local markets or sit and enjoy a drink on the large harbour promenade, is a 40 minute drive from Faralya.

This whole area is a wonderfully protected area of coast, forest and archaelogical ruins.

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