Botanica is a simple cozy ecolodge situated in beautiful nature! It is a slow living concept place were we grow olives, avocados, oranges, herbs and keep free range chickens. If you are looking for a relaxing rural place in the jungle, be our guest! 

Which room would you like?

Stone House Rooms

Wide stone walls keep the room cool during hot summer days.


Cozy wooden cabin with a terrace facing the sea and the village.

About Faralya village

Faralya is a rural mountain village still undiscovered by the mass tourism. Here you can wake up with the call of the rooster, meet a goat on the way to the beach, hear the songs of birds and cicadas. Faralya area is loved and visited by nature lovers, hikers and those who are looking for more than a sandy beach holiday. 

Here's a glimpse of a day at Botanica

You will enjoy a holiday here if:


You are not looking for an all inclusive type of holiday. This place is more like a holiday home, where you are always welcome!


You don't mind walking to the beach. Walking is the price for not  being surrounded by hundreds of people like it happens at many holiday resorts nowadays.


You don't panic when you see bugs, spiders, tortoises, lizards. There always is  a possibility to meet these creatures in nature!


Environmental friendly ideas suite you too. We don't have air conditioning in the rooms, but we provide fans!


You are comfortable with the concept that for a few hours a day our team has a beach break, but you can always contact us.

 What's around


White rocks and turquoise sea... Our nearest beach is a rocky bay surrounded by the pine forest. It takes 10 minutes to walk there from our place.



Red, yellow and deep blue... This is the next rocky beach along the coast. Just a 20-minute walk from us. 



This valley is the main tourist attraction around here. It takes an hour to hike to the secret view point away from tourist crowds. Hiking down to the beach is not recommended, better take a minibus to Oludeniz (not from this place, but from the main road) and catch a boat service. 



A very popular hiking destination situated at the bottom of the Kabak village. It will take around 2 hours to walk 

to this sandy beach.Unforgettable views are guaranteed.